Mountain Dew Major Melon - 355mL

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Major flavors from this Mountain Dew!

This soda pop will move mountains and your tastebuds! The Mountain Dew Major Melon is fresh, crisp, and ultimately revitalizing!

This pink-hued soda pop is made with the juicy taste of watermelon.
As you open up this fantastically fizzy soda, this Mountain Dew will have your mouth watering! You'll feel like you're feasting on a fresh slice of lucious tasting watermelon under the golden sunshine.
Every bubble is ready to burst in your thirsty mouth with its intense watermelon splendour! You just can't do without this Dew!
We've been indulging in that revitalizing taste of Mountain Dew since 1940. Every sip is made with a surge of incredible flavors and freshness.
Banish your thirst with the Mountain Dew Major Melon!