Mirage Bar - 41g

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This Mirage Bar is real!

We assure you this isn't a "mirage," but this chocolate bar will disappear so fast you'll wonder if it ever existed!

The Mirage Bar is made with an uncomplicated taste of milk chocolate. It is filled with a myriad of brilliant bubbles throughout. Every bite invites you to savour that melt-in-your-mouth texture.
Nothing compares to the rich simplicity of a Mirage Bar. Its deep and abiding notes of chocolate will take your tastebuds to another realm of deliciousness!
Loved and devoured since 1983, this Canadian chocolate bar has sweetly satisfied the cravings of generations! 
Simply delectable, the enigma of the Mirage Bar eagerly brings us back bite after bubbly bite. It leaves us trying to figure out if it's the rich chocolate we're after or the bubbles. Before we can ever conclude, mysteriously, this chocolate bar is gone.
Be indulged in the wonder of the Mirage Bar!
  • Made by Nestle Canada