Huer Peach Rings - 1kg

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Put a Peach Ring on it!

Savor the soft, chewy texture of Huer Peach Rings! These sensational gummy candies are everything a gummy connoisseur could dream of. From its soft and chewy texture, to its deliciously impactful peach flavor! The flavor doesn’t stop there, these peach gummies are coated in a mouth watering sour coating that will have you addicted right off the bat – snack with caution!

If you love peach gummies then you’ll love that this pack is bulk sized and packed with the irresistible candy! These are perfect for a family movie night or to have when hanging with friends. Just make sure to keep an eye on the sour candy ‘cause it could disappear the second you turn your head!  

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35.27oz (1kg) 

Made in the USA