Sweetarts - Mini Chewy Mixed Fruit 1.8 oz.

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Something deliciously chewy from Sweetarts

A "sweetheart" in the world of candy! The Sweetarts - Mini Chewy Mixed Fruit offers a fruity and chewy taste of the original Sweetarts. 
These colorful and chewy candy gems are ready to deliver a fantastic fruit-filled experience! This is the way Willy Wonka intended for us to get our servings of daily fruit!
Chew your way through the remarkable fruitiness of grape, cherry, orange, lemon, and apple.
As you sink your teeth into this Wonka-esque candy, that chewy texture makes way for remarkable true-to-life flavors. This once Wonka candy offers a lingering and lasting taste that will leave a delicious impression on your tastebuds!
Sweetarts Candy made their way to our hearts in 1963. This retro candy has never lost its luster; every taste is electrifying with sweet and tart-tasting notes.
Mini, but oh so mighty! Experience the BIG taste of the Sweetarts - Mini Chewy Mixed Fruit Candy!