Millions Cola Tubes

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Enjoyed by the Millions 

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Millions Cola Tubes! These unbelievably flavorful soda candies will keep you chewing all day long! Known as “the tiny tasty candy sweets”, each candy is coated in a sweet sugar shell and has an extra chewy consistency that we can’t get enough of! Millions candy is a popular UK based candy that has definitely grown a loyal following. So if you want to explore candies from different regions of the world, then you gotta try the Millions Cola Tubes!! 

The sweet soda candy is also perfect for a quick yummy snack when you need a sweet boost for the day. This super sharable treat will also be a hit among all your friends, so make sure you have a couple locked up in your candy stash to enjoy by yourself!

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2.3oz (65g) 

Made in the UK