Milkybar Gold Block (UK) - 85g

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This Milkybar is gold.

Indulge your craving for white chocolate with the velvety taste of the Milkybar Gold Block.

With every bite of this British chocolate, you'll feel like a spoiled queen or king! This Milkybar offers a decadent taste of caramelized white chocolate.
This white chocolate bar is silky, beyond indulgent and will leave you more than sweetly satisfied!
Combining that white chocolate with the sumptuous taste of caramel is a harmonious pairing of incredible flavors.
Launching in 1936, the Milkybar rose to fame as one of the first bars of white chocolate on the market. It is famous for its creamy and velvety texture and remarkable taste.
Add a shimmer of gold to your day with the Milkybar Gold Block!