Milky Way Salted Caramel King Size - 3.16oz

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Taste the Real Milky Way  🪐- Even Better

Stop right there! Before you unwrap this Milky Way Way Salted Caramel King Size, let me tell you that as you take the soft bite, you’ll be hooked. And before you know it, you’ll slice open every candy bar just to get that perfect view of the stuffed creamy, gooey goodness.

This candy bar consists of a thick layer of creamy nougat generously topped with a layer of rich oceanic-salted creme, all coated in smooth milk chocolate. As you take each bite, the buttery layer of sticky caramel will do its magic and make your buds twinkle. ✨

Don’t take my word for it. Because the Milky Way bar isn’t ordinary chocolate, it’s a 🪐 celestial experience. 

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Product of the USA
3.16 oz (89.8g)
2 bars