Milky Way Cookie Dough king Size Bar - 89g

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This Milky Way Candy Bar is out of this world!

Send your tastebuds to a faraway galaxy with the Milky Way Cookie Dough King-Size Bar!

You'll be seeing stars as you taste this incredible chocolate bar! As you sink your teeth into this husky-sized Milky Way Candy Bar, you'll meet a middle of cookie dough-flavoured nougat. Topped off with a golden serving of caramel and encased in a rich milk chocolate coating.
Every taste is mouthwateringly chewy, and that cookie dough addition is simply divine!
Bursting with remarkable flavors and textures. This Milky Way chocolate bar is made to satisfy even the biggest of cravings!
Obliterate your hunger as you venture through the Milky Way Cookie Dough King Size Bar!