Milk Duds Theater Pack - 5oz

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 Milk Duds are No Duds!

The origins of the Milk Duds name come from the imperfect shape of the chocolate balls, but this candy is definitely no dud! The circular candy is made from creamy caramel and coated in a scrumptious milk chocolate making it the ultimate chocolate treat. Each taste of the Milk Duds chocolate will have you wishing the experience could last forever, but not to worry because you can order as many as you can carry right here! 

The retro-inspired packaging symbolizes the decades-long history of the Milk Duds candy. Introduced to the public in 1926, this iconic American chocolate has cemented their spot in the chocolate Hall of Fame. Appropriate for any occasion, this delectable treat will make every moment memorable.

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5oz (142g) 

Made in the USA