Mike and Ike - Mega Mix Sweet or Sour 4.25oz

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Have it both ways with Mike and Ike!

It's a sensation like no other with the Mike And Ike Mega Mix - Sweet or Sour!

This Mike And Ike mix is an incredible combination of sweet and sour Mike and Ike flavors. It's perfect if you're a Gemini or just can't ever make up your mind. Now, you can experience both sweet and sour all in one box!
As you sink your teeth into this chewy candy, you'll realize this Mike And Ike candy will become your new favourite. All the guesswork and decision-making are done for you, just chew the remarkable candy and enjoy the ride of sweet and sour!
Mike And Ike have been treating us to their flavorful, chewy candy since 1940. This old-fashioned candy offers an extensive line of superb flavors!
Be it sweet or sour, make your day mega delicious with the Mike and Ike Mega Mix Sweet Or Sour!