McCormick's Tropical Jellies Peg Bag - 300g

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Lounge Back with McCormick’s Tropical Candy 

Take a well deserved vacation with McCormick’s Tropical Jellies Peg Bag. These little colorful gummies have a powerful burst of flavor that will make you feel like you’re sitting poolside at an all inclusive resort. As a classic Canadian candy, we are sure these sweet gems will easily creep their way up your fav candy list with its mesmerizing colors and intense flavors! You can eat this bulk candy by the handful and never get tired of the jelly candy, or even worry about running out. Perfect for a quick snack or a sweet pick me up, McCormick’s Tropical Jellies are exactly what you need to add to your candy stash! You won’t regret it, trust us! 

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  • Canadian Candy Collection

  • 10.6oz (300g)

    Made in Canada