Sour Patch Kids - Sour Cherry Blasters 64g

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These Sour Patch Kids are Cherrylicious!

Brace yourself for a burst of mouth-puckering, cherrylicious excitement with Sour Patch Kids Sour Cherry Blasters! These little dynamites are not your ordinary cherries; they're a taste explosion waiting to happen. Packed with a perfect balance of sour and sweet, each chewy candy delivers an unforgettable flavor of Sour Patch Kids goodness! 

Let the tangy cherry flavor dance on your taste buds as you embark on a wild ride of sour sensations. Perfect for candy lovers who crave a cherry twist with an extra zing, Sour Patch Kids Sour Cherry Blasters are the ultimate treat for those who dare to embrace the sour side of life!

2.3oz (64g)

Made in Canada