Maynards Fuzzy Peach Candy - 185g

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Sweet & Sour Fuzzy Peach

These delicious little treats will always have you reaching for more, so we suggest you stock up on them! Maynards Fuzzy Peach sour candy is a gummy snack, with a chewy consistency and is coated with irresistible sour sugar, giving it the perfect blend of sweet & sour. This sour peach candy is the ultimate snack-and-go treat, not only does it satisfy your taste buds, but it is just light enough that it doesn’t fill you up! 

Maynards Fuzzy Peach has become a staple among Canadian candy lovers, and now it's time to spread the love all over! Grab a bag (or two) and taste for yourself to see how addicting these soft, sweet fuzzy peaches are. 

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Made in Canada