Maltesers Milk Chocolate Biscuits (UK) - 110g

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These exotic snacks are from the UK.

Crunch your way through the irresistible taste of Maltesers Milk Chocolate Biscuits!

This British chocolate treat consists of milk chocolate coated biscuits with the sweet surprise of those golden honeycomb malt bits throughout. Delightful with a spot of tea or a hot cuppa joe!
Each and every bite is exciting as the crunch of those malted fragments lures you into another bite. 
The combination of the smooth milk chocolate makes way for that fantastic crunchy texture. Truly, a match made in candy heaven!
Maltesers Candy has been coaxing us into its delectable crunch since 1937. This old fashioned candy has been creating unforgettable deliciousness for generations!
Experience the echo of that famous crunch with the Maltesers Milk Chocolate Biscuits!