Maltesers - 37g

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Maltesers Make Us Melt!

Set your chocolatey taste buds off with Maltesers chocolate. This Canadian chocolate has been enjoyed by Canadians since the 1930s and for good reason! The Maltesers chocolate is a honeycomb malt covered in an irresistible milk chocolate that makes our mouths water at just the thought of it. Once you start indulging in the chocolate, you’ll be met with a noticeable crunch from the airy honeycomb malt center and won’t be able to get enough. Each bite will grow more and more sensational as you sense the varying textures and flavors. The Maltesers bags are easily portable and come with many little chocolate balls to enjoy by yourself or with friends! Try them for yourself today! 

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  • 1.3oz (37g)

    Made in Canada