Mackintosh Toffee - 45g

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Crack your Mackintosh Toffee!

The impeccable taste of Mackintosh'Toffee will have your tastebuds singing as they deliciously sink into its remarkable taste!

This Canadian Candy is, simply put, golden. Delivering a buttery and golden bar of creamy and rich toffee.
This Toffee Candy is unbelievably chewy and perfectly rounded off with sweet and mildly salty notes.
The pull of each bite cannot be surpassed, as the delicate strings of its awesome deliciousness will fall on your chin. One bite of this just will never do!
If you prefer a firm texture, this toffee can be placed in the freezer. Take it out and crack it up into bite-sized pieces for a crunchier version. Or, as the slogan says, "Smack your Mack"!
We've been happily indulging in the sublime pull of Mackintosh Toffee since 1890. This old-fashioned candy was made by John Mackintosh, who dubbed himself the "King of Toffee." We agree this toffee deserves a crown! Taste the indulgence with Mackintosh's Mack Toffee!

Mackintosh Toffee is one of the Top 10 Canadian Candies!