M&M's Pretzel Share Size - 2.83oz

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Don't share this M&M's candy.

Get into the crunch of things with the M&M's Pretzel Share Size! These colorful little candies are filled with a crunchy pretzel filling and surrounded by a layer of real milk chocolate with a hard candy shell.

With every mouthful, you'll experience a sweet and salty flavour all in one bite. The pretzels offer a very slight hint of saltiness and complement the sweetness of that rich layer of milk chocolate.
Whether you share is up to you, but just be warned, these M&M's might be the best thing you've ever tasted. You just might not be able to share!
These colorful gems have been deliciously melting in our mouths since 1941. It is an old-fashioned candy that offers a perfectly crisp texture and remarkable fillings. The possibilities are endless with the classic taste of M&M's candy!
Discover the incredible taste of M&M's Pretzel Candies,