M&M's Double Chocolate Cookies (UK) - 180g

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You'll find these M&M's candy in the cookie jar.

We've found your dream cookie with the M&M's Double Chocolate Cookies! These cookies are imported from the UK. 

Every M&M's cookie is made with a double serving of chocolate flavor. And if that's not enough to entice you, embedded throughout every cookie awaits a colorful sprinkling of M&M's candy!
Biting through these cookies, that aromatic scent of chocolate will have your mouth watering for more. Every bite has a delectable taste of rich chocolate and offers that chocolatey crunch of M&M's candy! 
Deliciously melting in our mouths since 1941, M&M's candy has been spoiling us with its multitude of candies for generations. Available in a variety of mouthwatering fillings from crunchy to chewy. M&M's is at the heart of any candy connoisseur rotation!
Keep your hand in the cookie jar forever with M&M's Double Chocolate Cookies!