M&M's Crispy (UK) - 36g

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Something crispy from M&M's Candy!

Imported from the UK

It's going to be a crispy and crunchy adventure with the M&M's Crispy!

Get ready to rattle your tastebuds with this incredible British Candy!
These M&M's Candies feature a layer of a colorful hard candy coating, hiding a serving of real milk chocolate. And nestled sweetly inside awaits that crispy middle!
As you open up these M&Ms, those chocolatey notes fill the air! Every bite is fantastically enticing with that extra crispy delight!
M&M's candy has been delivering that melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness since 1941. 
A worldwide favourite, this old-fashioned candy is available in a variety of unbelievable flavors! 
 Discover that remarkably crispy texture with the M&M's Crispy!