M&M's Coconut Inspired by Bounty (Aus) - 160g

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Coconut Chocolate M&Ms Candy!

Aussie Bliss in Every Bite! Get ready for tropical flavor with M&M's Coconut Inspired by Bounty. This candy takes your taste buds on a sun-soaked getaway Down Under! 

These little bursts of joy combine the classic M&M’s crunch with coconut chocolate. This has to be one of the best M&M’s flavors ever. 🥥🌴

Whether you're an Australian candy connoisseur or just craving a unique twist on a classic, M&M's Coconut inspired by Bounty is the perfect treat to add a touch of sunshine to your snacking adventures. Grab a handful and let the coconut party begin! 

5.6oz (160g)

Made in Australia