M&M's Caramel Cold Brew - 1.41oz

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Crave-Worthy Coffee M&M 

We all know M&M’s are classic candies at this point, but it’s time we acknowledge the sheer deliciousness of the different chocolates offered by M&M. M&M’s Caramel Cold Brew is an unexpected flavor blend that will knock your socks off! This round colorful candied shell is filled with a robust coffee flavor, with a smooth caramel coating, and covered in the classic M&M’s milk chocolate.

Your taste buds will be overwhelmed with the various flavors they will experience simultaneously! If you feel like your candy options have fallen a little flat lately, then we suggest picking up a pack of these yummy Caramel Cold Brew M&Ms and elevate your snacking experience. 

1.41oz (40g) 

Made in the USA