Love Hearts Dip (UK) - 23g

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Dip into this Sweet Candy

Take a dip into the sweeter side of things with Love Hearts Dip. These sweet little candy packs are filled with deliciously flavored sugar powder with flavors including Orange Sparkle, Tangy Raspberry and Zingy Lemon. Each pack also contains a flavored dip stick to make the sugar eating process easier and far more tasty! Exported from the UK, this retro candy has become a classic and is still highly enjoyed by British candy lovers to this day. 

You can enjoy the sugary sweet straight from the bag or give your friend a couple dips to enjoy! There is no shortage of sweetness when it comes to this British candy. However if you’re worried about not having enough to go around then we suggest getting a few packs to have as  backup should you decide to share with your friends! 

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Made in the UK