Lotus Sandwich Cookies Filled with Biscoff Cream - 150g

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Take a Bite Out of Creamy Heaven!

Explore the enchanting world of Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookies! These delightful treats are a whimsical journey for your taste buds. Imagine two perfectly baked, crispy cookies hugging a luscious center of Biscoff cream. Each bite is a symphony of texture and flavor, with the spicy sweetness of Biscoff cookies melding harmoniously with the creamy filling.

There are endless ways to enjoy this treat, from dunking them in milk or savoring them with a cup of tea, these cookies are a playful, mouthwatering escape from the ordinary. So, why resist the temptation? Treat yourself to Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookies and let the whimsy begin!

5.3oz (150g) 

Made in Belgium