Lifesavers Swirled Lollipops 25 Pieces - 8.8oz

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These lollipops are lifesavers!

Taste the fantastic fun of the famous Lifesavers in a lollipop form! The Lifesavers Swirled Lollipops come individually wrapped so you can share the sweetness!

Experience the fruity flavors of cherry vanilla, orange vanilla, strawberry vanilla and blueberry vanilla. As you unwrap these lollipops, the scent is sweet and enticing. You'll be reminded of the intense taste of the old-fashioned Lifesavers candy with every taste.
Every lollipop uncovers a world of remarkable taste, ready to take your tastebuds on a fresh and bold candy experience. Made with a pop of colour on every lollipop sure to make you smile!
These suckers come individually wrapped, making them easy to share. Or add them to your very own candy stash!
Lifesaver Candy has been giving us a "hole" lot of deliciousness since 1912. This old-fashioned candy is famous for being the only candy with a hole in the middle. Originally, Lifesavers were made in the refreshing Pep-O-Mint before greatly expanding into the various flavors we know and love today!
Get lost in the swirl with the Lifesavers Swirled Lollipops!
25 Lollipops | 8.8oz.