Lifesavers Scented Candle - Pineapple 85g

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Scented Candle from Lifesavers Candy!

Bask in the tropical scent of pineapple with the Lifesavers Scented Candle - Pineapple.

Made to resemble the taste of Lifesavers Candy. This scented candle will certainly set the mood, and its alluring scent will have you drooling!
Now that sunny and brought taste of pineapple can be yours for hours on end! Makes a warm and welcoming scent for home or the office.
As you reel in this sweet scent, you'll deliciously drift away to a sunny tropical island. Your feet will walk through that hot white sand. Those ocean waves will gently crash, and you'll find yourself reclining, soaking up the rays of the sun.
Doesn't that just sound perfect right about now? Let that pineapple scent take you there!
Get to the tropics! If only in your dreams with the Lifesavers Scented Candle - Pineapple!