Lifesavers Scented Candle Cherry - 3oz.

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The scent of Life Savers candy!

Light up your life with the undeniably delicious scent of Lifesavers! The Lifesavers Cherry Scented Candle will add a touch of happiness and warmth to any space!

This scented candle resembles the classic and unforgettable taste of the cherry-flavored Lifesavers candy.
Welcome your guests with this luscious cherry scent, offering a pleasant and uplifting aroma. It's also a great addition to use in an office space sure to make your clients feel at ease.
Lifesavers Candy has been treating us to its fruit-filled flavors since 1912. This old-fashioned candy features a large variety of shapes, sizes, and forms.
Have a cherry-on-top kind of day with the Lifesavers Cherry Scented Candle!