Butter Rum Lifesavers - 1.14oz

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Life is Better with Butter Rum LifeSavers

LifeSavers are a superbly sweet and delicious candy that has established itself as a leader in the hard candy industry since its release in 1938. Butter Rum LifeSavers are a creamy hard candy that will ignite your senses, from their flavorful taste to their sweet aroma. This LifeSavers candy comes in its iconic round shape with a hole in the center. As you embark on tasting the Butter Rum LifeSavers, you will first find that the sweet candy flavor will burst through immediately. As you continue to enjoy the hard candy, your taste buds will be met with a bit of salty tanginess from the Rum. If you love sweet and salty hard candy, then this LifeSaver is for you! 

1.14oz (32g) 

Made in the USA