Lays Stax Sizzled BBQ Chips (China) - 90g

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Lays Potato Chips from China!

Make snack time exotic with the Lays Stax Sizzled BBQ Chips! 

These Lays potato chips are imported from China and offer a savoury crunch in each bite!
Seasoned to perfection, every Lays chip is sturdy and crisp and offers a smokey and bold BBQ taste. These Lays potato chips come in a tube-shaped container, ideal for maintaining their freshness!
Enjoy these potato chips as they are, or use them alongside your favourite dips or even salsas. 
Lays potato chips have been offering us their perfect crispness since 1932. Available in a flavorful selection, nothing hits those savoury cravings quite like Lays!
Experience the sizzle with the Lays Stax Sizzled BBQ Chips!