Lays Spicy Crayfish Potato Chips - 70g

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 These Lays Potato Chips are spicy!

Take your tastebuds on a crunchy adventure with Lay's Spicy Crayfish Potato Chips. These Lay's Potato Chips are imported from China.

Each crisp potato chip is expertly seasoned with a firey and bold flavor of spicy crayfish.
Offering intense taste and a fresh and crunchy texture in every bite. These Lays Potato Chips make a satisfying and savoury snack sure to hit the spot!
They make a fantastic snack while watching the big game with friends. Or indulge in those salty cravings and enjoy a flavorful midnight snack.
The famous crunch of Lay's Potato Chips has been thrilling us since 1932. Available in a variety of interesting and unique flavors sure to add that perfect crispness to your snack time!
Get into the Lay's crunch with the Lay's Spicy Crayfish Potato Chips!