Lays Spicy Potato Chips (China) - 70g

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Exotic Snacks from China!

Add some spice to your life with Lay's Spicy Potato Chips!

These Lays chips are imported from China and offer that famous Lay's potato chip crunch and impeccable flavour.
Made with an impressive blend of bold spices, these potato chips create a sizzling taste in every bite. 
They will certainly add some spiciness to your day. They are an excellent choice to really wake up your taste buds!
The perfect savoury snack for an after-dinner snack or to satisfy those late-night cravings. Lay's always gets the job done!
We've been crunching through these potato chips since 1932! Originally made in Nashville, Tennessee, Lays potato chips are now a worldwide sensation!
Get into the heat with Lays Spicy Potato Chips!