Lays Pink Grapefruit Fries 5 Pack (China) - 80g

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Exotic Snacks from China

The zesty flavour of grapefruit can be yours with the Lay's Pink Grapefruit Fries!

This delicious snack is imported from China. Offering a substantial crunch in each and every bite!
Up your snacking game with these Lay's fries! Forget about those plain and boring potato chips. These grapefruit-flavoured fries will offer an exciting twist to your usual snack-time repertoire!
Every bite is impressively crunchy and offers a tangy and citrusy hit of grapefruit that pops against a savory and salty background. 
Perfect for an afternoon savoury indulgence, an evening snack or because you're a fan of all things grapefruit!
Get into the terrific tang with Lay's Pink Grapefruit Fries!
5 Pack | 80g