Laffy Taffy Grape Candy - 1.5 oz.

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The Perfect Purple Candy

Every bite of the grape Laffy Taffy will give you a mouthful of flavor! If you're a fan of purple candy, this grape flavored candy is the perfect treat for you! Sometimes it can be difficult to find a tasty grape candy, as some of them are hit or miss, but this is absolutely a HIT! 

As a staple from the Willy Wonka factory, Laffy Taffy has created one of the most memorable candies to date. The harmonious mixture of sweet & tangy with the chewy texture makes this candy a fun treat to share with friends! Known for its intense fruity tastes, Laffy Taffy has several other flavors you can try such as, Watermelon, Strawberry, Banana, Cherry & Sparkle Cherry. 

Add to your collection of cherished candies, and discover the variety of sweet, fruity flavors of Laffy Taffy today! 

1.5oz (42.5g) 

Made in the USA