Laffy Taffy Fruit Combo - 6oz

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Laffy Taffy Fruit Combo is the Ultimate Flavor Fiesta

Prepare for a fruit-filled frenzy that'll have your taste buds doing the cha-cha with Laffy Taffy Fruit Combo. 

Indulge in a carnival of fruity flavors that range from tangy twists to sweet surprises – it's like a parade of taste right in your mouth! But that's not all – every wrapper comes with a bonus punchline, because Laffy Taffy knows that the best way to enjoy candy is with a side of laughter.

Whether you're a fruit fanatic or just someone who loves a taste sensation that's as fun as it is delicious, these candies are here to turn snacking into a fruity fiesta. Don't miss out – grab your combo pack and let the flavor fun begin! 

6oz (170g)

Made in the USA