Laffy Taffy Blue Raspberry Candy - 145 Count Tub

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Blue Raspberry Bliss

Take a juicy plunge into a world of flavor excitement with Laffy Taffy Blue Raspberry Candy.

Imagine the tangy zing of blue raspberries transformed into a chewy, delightful candy that's ready to rock your taste buds. Each bite is like a sweet wave of nostalgia, taking you back to carefree summer days by the beach. But here's the twist – every wrapper comes with a side of chuckles because Laffy Taffy knows that candy is best enjoyed with a sprinkle of laughter.

Laffy Taffy Blue Raspberry Candy is your passport to a berrylicious adventure. Don't wait – grab a handful and let the flavor fest begin!

145 CT

0.33oz (9.4g)

Made in the USA