Kool-Aid Candy Canes - 5.3oz

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Christmas Candy from Kool-Aid!

You'll definitely have the might to break through walls with one taste of these Kool-Aid Candy Canes!

One bite, and you'll be hooked. These incredible-tasting candy canes offer the fruity flavors of tropical punch, cherry and grape.
These fruit-filled candy canes would make a sweet addition to your Christmas Candy! Hang some on your dazzling Christmas tree, fill up those stockings or use them as an accompaniment to gifts.
And hey, don't forget the big guy, Santa Claus loves Kool-Aid, and the Kool-Aid man is one of his very favourite celebrities!
Kool-Aid is not just a drink anymore. It's been candy-ized to include an incredible selection of mind-blowing candies.
Get out of your same old peppermint candy cane rut. Make it exciting with the Kool-Aid Candy Canes!