Koala Sour Cherry Cola Bottles Candies - 1 kg

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Sweet and Sour Cherry Cola Candy

Koala Sour Cherry Cola Bottles are satisfyingly chewy gummies that come shaped like classic cola bottles. This cola gummy tastes like a refreshing Cherry Cola, and who could resist that? Loaded with the impactful cola flavor, each gummy is also heavily layered in a deliciously sour sugar coating that will have your taste buds jumping off the walls! If you enjoy gummies and sour candy, then you really can’t go wrong with this sweet n sour treat. The bulk gummies are also a wonderful addition to any special occasion for your friends and family to indulge it. But we won’t judge you if you want to keep all these gourmet quality gummies to yourself, we get it! 

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35.27oz (1kg) 

Made in Holland