Kit Kat Sachertorte

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Deliciously Sweet Japanese Kit Kat

Normally you’d have to take a trip to Japan to enjoy Kit Kat Sachertorte, but fortunately in this case you can just order a pack from the comfort of your own home! Kit Kat Sachertorte is a delicious exotic chocolate flavor that is imported straight from Japan.

Sachertorte is a famous Austrian dessert that the Japanese have made into this lovely Kit Kat chocolate bar. This classic Kit Kat bar is modified to include a smooth Apricot jam and dark chocolate coating to finish the tangy taste of the delicious treat. If you love chocolates, more specifically Kit Kats, then you should broaden your taste buds’ horizons with the Kit Kat Sachertorte. 

2.5oz (71g)

Made in Japan