Kit Kat Roasted Almond Bars - 120 g

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Irresistibly Crunchy Almond Kit Kat Bar

Take a break with the Kit Kat Roasted Almond Bar! This sensational Kit Kat bar is exactly what you’d expect from the classic chocolate bar. It has crispy wafers layered with Nestle chocolate and coated in a decadent milk chocolate that leaves us speechless! The Kit Kat Roasted Almond Bar is particularly special because it has bits of crunchy roasted almonds scattered throughout the chocolate. Which means every bite of the wafer treat will be extra crunchy, sweet and of course savory! Take your time indulging in this treat because you’ll surely be done before you know it! Make every bite count… or just stock up on the chocolate bar. 

4.2oz (120g)

Made in Canada