Kit Kat Pops Hazelnut - 160g

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Pop this from Kit Kat!

Now you can pop these Canadian Chocolate Bars!

Get your tastebuds ready to pop with the incredible Kit Kat Pops Hazelnut.

These round and chocolatey-covered balls are filled with layers of those famous crisp wafers, infused with a hint of hazelnuts and delectably covered in a luscious coating of rich-tasting milk chocolate.
They make for a perfect choice when you need a quick snack. Coming in a resealable pouch, making it easy to eat some now and freshly save the rest for later. Well, if there is a later!
Every bite is incredibly flavorful and is packed with that satisfying and light crispy texture. Just waiting for you to "pop" right in your mouth!
Whoever said you can't have it all? Now you can, with the sensational taste of the Kit Kat Pops!
  • Made by Nestle Canada