Kit Kat Minis Cookies and Cream

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Make Snack Time Fun with Kit Kat Cookies & Cream

Crush these irresistible cookies and cream Kit Kats!! Canadians got it right when they made this cookies and cream-infused Kit Kat bar. Since 1935, Kit Kat has been making the sweet dreams of chocolate lovers come true with their classic chocolate bar. 80 years later, Kit Kat has continued to innovate their products to produce delicious chocolates.

The mini Kit Kats are made with wafer sticks stacked between creamy cookies and cream filling, encased by the iconic Nestle milk chocolate. Your first bite of the creamy sensation will have your taste buds soaring in delight, so prepare to overwhelm your senses with this delicious candy bar! 

6oz (170g)

Made in Canada