Kit Kat Miniatures Lemon Crisp - 8.4oz

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Squeeze the joy out of this Kit Kat!

Get into the refreshing zing of things with the Kit Kat Miniatures Lemon Crisp!

These Kit Kat bars are a taste to behold! They come in individually wrapped servings, making them a perfect treat to share!
As you open up these marvellous miniatures, the citrusy scent of lemon will have you reeling in anticipation with its bright and tangy aroma.
Each crispy bite is deliciously filled with those famous Kit Kat wafers. Light and crisp and held together with a luscious layer of lemon-flavored white creme.
This Kit Kat is a delightful fusion of that lemon-filled tang balanced with a delicate sweetness. Making every bite a memorable indulgence!
Kit Kat has been spreading its sweet joy since 1935. Loved all over the world and are famous for those crisp wafers. The Kit Kat Bar is available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, sure to bring you to cloud nine!
Squeeze the joy out of life one bite at a time with the Kit Kat Miniatures Lemon Crisp!