Kit Kat Mini Moments Caramel - 34.6g

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This is the moment for this Kit Kat Bar!

Make every moment count with the Kit Kat Mini Moments Caramel. This perfect-sized Kit Kat Bar boasts a middle of crisp wafers, cascading caramel nestled in a coating of real milk chocolate.

With every bite of this caramel-infused Kit Kat, the creamy chocolate greets that golden caramel creating a bite of pure happiness!
The taste of the caramel is highlighted against that rich milk chocolate. And, of course, those crunchy wafers can't be forgotten, adding a wonderful texture to the entire chocolate bar.
Kit Kat has been treating us to its delectable creations since 1935. It's a classic chocolate bar filled with incredible flavor and, of course, that remarkable crunch!
Make the moments sweeter with the Kit Kat Mini Moments Caramel!