Kit Kat Hazelnut Crunch - 120 g

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We Can’t Resist the Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch! 

Hazelnut and chocolate are the ultimate chocolate combo!!! The Kit Kat Hazelnut Crunch is a great representation of the extraordinary merging of the two flavors. This Kit Kat chocolate is made up of light and crispy wafers with a rich milk chocolate layered between each wafer and draped around the entire chocolate bar. The milk chocolate has bits of crushed hazelnut mixed in with the dreamy chocolate and it comes through with every heavenly bite! Share this Kit Kat chocolate bar with your peers or indulge in this all on your own – either way, it’ll hit the spot regardless! Take a break with Kit Kat Hazelnut Crunch. 

4.2oz (120g) 

Made in Canada