Kit Kat Daifuku

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Mochi Flavored Kit Kat! 

This Japanese Kit Kat is unlike anything you’ve tried before! Kit Kat Daifuku is a chocolate bar inspired by the popular Japanese treat, Mochi. If you’re unfamiliar, Mochi is a dessert wrapped in a sweet rice paste, filled with a sweet red bean paste.

Whether or not you’ve tried Mochi, you can be assured that it's delicious, and Kit Kat Daifuku uses the Mochi flavors with every bite of the classic wafer chocolate bar. This Japanese chocolate is coated in delectable white chocolate, enhancing the sweet flavors. Each pack of the Kit Kat Daifuku comes in a pack of 10 – how could you resist all that chocolatey goodness!

4.1oz (116g) 

Made in Japan