Kit Kat Bites with Lotus Biscoff (UK) - 90g

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Exotic Snacks from Kit Kat!

Make every bite count with the Kit Kat Bites With Lotus Biscoff! Prepare your tastebuds for a delicious match made in candy heaven.

Each delectable bite features those famous thin and crisp Kit Kat wafers with a helping of the golden caramelized taste of Biscoff. And to seal the deal, every bite is encased in a coating of rich-tasting, creamy milk chocolate.
Imported from the UK, this chocolatey treat is incredibly flavourful and offers both crunchy and creamy textures.
Not your usual Kit Kat bar, but with the addition of the Lotus Biscoff, this is a snack you just can't afford to miss!
Be sweetly indulged with the Kit Kat Bites With Lotus Biscoff!