Kinder Schoko Bons - 125g

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A Mini Treat, Maximum Delight!

Kinder lovers all over the globe know how impactful these chocolates are once the intense cravings hit. Kinder Schoko Bons are certainly no exception to that experience. These creamy chocolate mini eggs are a delight to your taste buds with their irresistible milk chocolate coating and creamy white chocolate filling. Each creamy center also has little pieces of hazelnuts scattered throughout. 

One bite of this Kinder chocolate will activate your taste buds and instantly have them begging for more! Grab a bag (or two) of these delectable treats and experience the sweet, creamy sensation for yourself. 

Some words of wisdom: Be careful when sharing with friends and family because these goodies could be gone before you know it! 

4.4oz (125g)

Made in Italy