Kervan Sour Worms Gummy Candy-5 lbs.

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Tangy Zangy Gummy Worms

Dig up flavor with Kervan Sour Worms Gummy Candy – a vibrant and mouth-puckering sour candy treat. These worms offer a wriggly adventure in every bite.

Whether you're a dedicated gummy enthusiast or have a penchant for sour candies, Kervan Sour Worms Gummy Candy promises a chewy and enticing experience.

These bring you the ultimate sour gummy experience with the perfect blend of vivid flavors and tantalizing sourness. You won’t be able to get enough of these gummies, but don’t worry they come in a bulk pack so you can keep on eating.

  • Halal Candy
  • Bulk Candy


Made in Turkey