Kervan Cola Bottles Gummy Candy-5 lbs

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Chewy Soda Candy Delights

Quench your sweet cravings with Kervan Cola Bottles Gummy Candy – a fizzy and flavorful delight that brings the iconic taste of soda to the world of gummies! 

Experience the classic cola taste in every chew, as these gummy bottles capture the essence of your favorite soda. Whether you're a gummy aficionado or a soda enthusiast, Kervan Cola Bottles Gummy Candy offers a unique and refreshing twist on the traditional gummy experience.

Gummy lovers, get ready for a soda-infused adventure where every bottle is a burst of effervescent joy. There is plenty to go around thanks to the bulk candy format! 

Welcome to a world where every gummy bottle is a sip of sweet nostalgia!

  • Halal Candy
  • Bulk Candy


Made in Turkey