Jumbo Push Pop - 1.06oz.

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When it comes to a Push Pop-get the jumbo!

Have a jumbo taste of the famous Push Pop! Jumbo Push Pop is the big daddy of lollipops! It comes in a convenient container, allowing you to enjoy some now and save some for later!

There'll be no sticky fingers with the lollipop! Your candy cravings will soon be a thing of the past!
As you open up this lollipop, you'll taste a whirlwind of sweet and sugary deliciousness. Comes in a variety of fantastically fruity flavors like blue raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and berry blast.
Perfect for every candy lover, especially those who love jumbo-sized fun!
Take it with you everywhere you go. This lollipop is great for a quick and easy candy fix when those sweet cravings come calling!
Find out why bigger is always better with the Jumbo Push Pop!