Juicy Drop Blasts (UK) - 120g

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This Juicy Drop is from the UK!

Chews Filled with Sour Powder

Blast off into candy oblivion with the Juicy Drop Blasts! This British Candy is serious when it says blast! Your tastebuds will go on a remarkable adventure filled with texture and intense sour candy flavors!

As you bite through these candies, you'll discover a sweet-tasting, chewy candy layer on the exterior and a top secret sour candy powder in the center!
You'll be in a whirlwind of a delicious candy tizzy, and you won't know what hit you first! That big candy crunch or the sour candy center.
Experience this one-a-kind Juicy Drop excursion with the flavors of strawberry, watermelon, cola, raspberry, lemon and apple!
Life is an adventure! Taste it with the Juicy Drop Blasts!